Asterisk (B?) CTI Client

ABCTI is a CTI solution for Asterisk

License: GPL



ABCTI is an Asterisk CTI client, licensed under the GPL. (What is CTI?)

ABCTI talks directly to the Asterisk manager interface, no additional software is needed on the PBX.

ABCTI currently has the following features:


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ABCTI main window
ABCTI main window
call history
The call history
Drag shortcut
Drag a shortcut into the phonebook
server configuration
Asterisk server configuration
My Phone
"My Phone" configuration

Shortcut configuration

Plugin configuration

Hotkey configuration

An incoming call in GNOME

An incoming call in KDE

An incoming call in XP


ABCTI is currently in beta state.

Most os the basic features are implemented and are pretty stable.

The event parsing code, however, is currently in a "works-for-me" state. It works wonderfully on my own PBX, but yor mileage may vary..

Testers are welcome. If you experience strange behaviour, start abcti with -d0 and send me the logfile. I am very interested in enhancing ABCTI to a general-purpose CTI tool.

Please also check out the Wiki and the Bugtracker on Sourceforge for planned features and existing bugs


ABCTI source code

You can download ABCTI on the project download page on Sourceforge.



apt-get install python python-gtk python-asterisk

Just run "python" (debian package is in the works).

Windows 2000/XP

There are two installers on the project download page on Sourceforge. The one named abcti-core ist just ABCTI, compiled with py2exe. You need a working GTK+ runtime on your system.

If you don't want to install GTK separately, you can use the one named abcti-full, it includes everything you need to run ABCTI.

If you don't want to use the installers, you can as well run from the tar package. Make sure you installed the following packages:

Python and pyGTK e.g. using the installers from (tested with python 2.5 and 2.6, will probably not work with >= 3.0),

Get py-Asterisk from
I've used the latest SVN HEAD, but you may also try the tar packages.
Just copy the subdir "Asterisk" into the abcti Directory (not the files, but the whole directory).


What is CTI?

CTI is short for Computer Telephony Integration. ABCTI is a so-called "third party" CTI solution as it talks directly to your PBX.